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driven by purpose, fueled by passion, and empowered by technology

We begin with Grapes. 

Salubrious Seeds is family owned business operating in Summerland, BC.

As a business, we are on a mission to create Salubrious seed products while supporting local farming and sustainable wine making.

Discovering a business model that is driven by purpose has been exhilerating.  

Following a path that serves our future in a positive healthy way, has been motivating and rewarding. 

Growing up in orchards in Summerland, Steve has watched the wine industry grow to what it is now, in the Okanagan Valley. Realizing that this growing industry is producing large amounts of a salubrious by-product loaded with nutrients and enzymes, sparked our interest. We began, in our kitchen, separating seeds from the stems and skins, on a screen into a tote. This was where our intial process began...feeling the seeds and how they flow through a screen, experimenting with drying methods and times,  while researching the practicalities of this business idea. We found very little research had been done, in english, for grape seed extraction and pressing. With perseverance and time online researching, we were able to put together our plan. 

Two years later, after much growth and toil in the shop, Steve had fabricated our seed extraction and drying line. 2015 was our first full grape seed extraction season. As, the wineries press their grapes for wine, we work at collecting the pomace (grape skins, stems and seeds) as it comes off of the wine press. To ensure quality seed oils, we make it a priority to have the grape seeds drying within 24 hours of them coming out of the wine press. As a team, we had a very successful 2015 seed extraction season.

 Our first few pressings taught us that varietal cold-pressed grape seed oils have a wide range of character. The oils are full of flavour, and rich colours. We are excited by the variety of seed products that are produced during the process. After the oils are pressed out of the grape seeds, the compressed seed material will be milled into gluten-free seed flours. Seeds pressed with the shell-on, such as sunflower seeds, produce a feed enhancement for livestock. Our dried grape skins & seeds can be ground into a health boosting powder for smoothies or cereals.

Our 'waste' is a beautiful rich compost material that will be used to replenish the Earth wherever it is spread.  From our first product produced through to our waste product, all of our products are Salubrious .

Finding a Salubrious purpose energized us with passion! Join our passion for healthy, mindful living. Having knowledge about the products we are consuming and the people we are supporting will help us all move towards a healthier more sustainable future.