​​Seed & Spice Blend

A blend full of the natural health benefits of grape seeds, flax seeds, pink Himalayan salt, plus a warmth and crunch of coriander and cumin. Add it to your pork chop breading, or chicken rub.  Mix it into your meatloaf. Shake it on a salad.

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 Cold-Pressed Varietal Grape Seed Oils  

Grape Seed Oil is a perfect all-purpose culinary oil. The high smoke point makes it great for frying. The varietal grape seed flavours each offer a unique sensation to dressings, sautes and marinades. Or,​ simply drizzle it over rice dishes, pasta, and salads. 

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Culinary Product Info

​​For now, we only sell within Canada. Please email to confirm shipping costs.

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​Our product list will grow and change with the grape varieties of each season. Check back here or watch for our new products on Facebook.

​​​​Red Grape Seed & Grape Skin Powders


Red Grape Seed Powder  has a slight sweetness that can boost your smoothies, cereals, yogurt, baked goods, and fresh fruit with the natural OPC's (antioxidants) present in the grape seed.

Red Grape Skin Powder has a slight tangy flavour with a dynamic purple pigment. A fun creative way to get the Resveratrol and Tannins  (antioxidant) power from the grape skins. Resveratrol has been marketed as the "anti-aging" antioxidant! 

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