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Saxon Estate Winery and Sage Hills Vineyard supplied much of our organic pomace for product development  during our 2015 pilot year.

We appreciate working with you!                    

We feel a great deal of gratitude to Gary and Pearl Semcszyszyn (Kristi's Grand- Parents). Each year they have visited from Ontario for months and helped our family and business. We could fill this page with ways we can thank them. Their support has helped the growth of Salubrious and our family in many ways. Gary has modeled a 'can do' attitude across many trades and skills which rubbed off and showed confidence to tackle anything. Our 5 year old son, thrives while being an apprentice to Great Grandpa. Great Grandma inspires creativity in both of our girls, looking to nature and technology for crafts. As a wise soul, Pearl models forgiveness and compassion always. A beautiful influence on our family

Gary picked up tig welding in the Salubrious shop in his early 80's, proving learning can be life long. A little patience and the right mindset makes anything possible.  Thanks to you both, you are appreciated in so many ways. 

Poplar Grove and Monster Vineyards became a large pomace supplier for us during the 2015 press season.

Working with this winery has allowed us to push the production limitations of our seed extraction and drying process. A friendly, always positive group made working with Poplar Grove a pleasure. Thanks to everyone !

Gratitude to the Wineries & Vineyards working with us

And, to the Family Wisdom that helped us grow!

Rob, Roger and the team at Hester Creek Winery have been a pleasure to work with during grape harvest! The winery has been a tremendous support  during our 2016 product launch.

We appreciate this growing relationship! 


Sage Hills Vineyard supplied much of our organic pomace for our first 2 years of product development. Rick samples our culinary products with his fine wine, offering a unique experience of premium products in his wine shop.

We appreciate this growing relationship!                                            

Lake Breeze Vineyardon the Naramata Bench filled in the gap for our 2015 seed collection. Thanks for your help this year, Victor and Ginette!

Mike and Gillian Stohler, at Summer Gate Winery in Summerland have been a great support. By collecting the grape pomace following each of their wine pressings, over 2 seasons, we were able to work through necessary modifications on our seed extraction line. Our first Grape Seed Oil from organic seeds will be pressed using seeds extracted from Summer Gate Winery's grapes. We have really enjoyed working with you. From your kids playing in the yard, the care you give to your land and vineyard, and genuine support and engagement you show in our community, there always seems to be a good vibe at Summer Gate. A truly local Winery. Thanks for everything, we appreciate you !

​​8th Generationbecame an important partner during the 2015 press season. During 2016 they opened up their cabana for us to launch our products out of! Thank you, Stephanie, Bernd and the team, for all your support!

Ezra Cipes and the team at Summerhill Winery joined us, to expand our orgainc line of products for 2017! It was a pleasure working with them during the 2016 Red Wine Grape Harvest. We are looking forward to growing this relationship!



Dirty Laundry Vineyardin Summerland has provided us with large volumes of pomace since late 2014.  The clever theme, marketing and atmosphere, has Dirty Laundry rating at the top of Trip Advisor's things to do in Summerland. Thanks to Mason, Drew, Adrian and everyone else who helped us at DL this year. I appreciate your efforts. You helped make 2015 a great year for us. Thanks!

From the beginning discussions with Julien, during our research phase, the Okanagan Crush Pad has helped us from our early concept to our production phase. Providing our first bins of pomace for screen sizing, testing our first seed dryer prototype and helping with our first test run of the mixer and trommel at the Crush Pad. Thanks for all your help through these critical steps.

​​For now, we only sell within Canada. Please email to confirm shipping costs.