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Finding purpose in our PASSION FOR SUSTAINABILITY has fueled the creation of a system to re-purpose crushed wine grapes into wholesome all natural vinotherapy and culinary products.  A solid partnership, Steve & Kristi Manke compliment each other's strengths in harmony to form Salubrious Seeds. The idea began in 2014. Family support and wisdom helped guide research & development over the next 2 years.  Fueled by passion and empowered by technology Steve set out to design, engineer and fabricate the equipment for our grape seed & skin extraction~drying line. Kristi's creativity sparked in branding, label designing /printing and product development while operating the production facility on their acreage. A true family operation, as the kids home schooling studies often focus on developing their entrepreneurial qualities. Developing a system, over-coming challenges,  and partnering with select wineries in creating wholesome products has been a rewarding experience. 

Discovering the HEALTH BENEFITS OF WINE GRAPES has been invigorating.  Harnessing the healthy attributes in the agro-waste of the wine industry has become our mission. We cold-press the heritage grape seeds for oil, and gently filter for clarity, No heating. No chemicals. No refining. NATURAL SEED OILS with rich color, aroma, unique flavor, & healthy attributes intact.  Our dedication to quality produces the finest GRAPE POWDERS in the Okanagan Valley, through a unique particle separation and classification system.   Easy to use in any favorite recipes,  our family boosts  our intake of antioxidants  with wine grapes. 

VINOTHERAPY  is the new age-defying beauty secret. COLD-PRESSED GRAPE SEED OIL is known to be nature's emollient  which also  tones the skin while demonstrating antioxidant activity. Studies have concluded that phenolic compounds present in wine grapes  are a level-up for skin care therapies.  Whole-grape products allow the full-spectrum of phenolic compounds to work more efficiently at free-radical removal (anti-aging). Our newest project is bringing these ALL- NATURAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS to the world, tailored to the specific skin applications through particle size separation and therapeutic grade essential oil blends.  We are passionate about WHOLESOME BODY CARE! 

Our COMPOSTING PROJECT decomposes the waste grape stems & skins into fertilizer.  Allowing the pile to reach high temperatures, rotating it, and mixing in leafy organic matter & manure has produced a rich dark growing medium. Wanting to utilize every bit of it and experiment using grape marc compost on different crops led us to planting a FOOD FOREST on our acreage.  Completing the cycle back to Mother Earth.  


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Being mindful of nature's design we grow our family & business organically. We hope our WINE GRAPE DISCOVERIES nourish your lives like they have ours!

Fueled by Passion. Driven by Purpose. Empowered by Technology.